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  • The Smart PUMP-UP drum does not damage clothes.
  • The DOLPHIN silver-coated Ag+ washing tray effectively cleans, deodorizes, and is antibacterial for cool clothes.
  • The automatic tub cleaning feature eliminates bacteria and harmful agents in the washing machine.
  • It will automatically restart and resume the washing cycle when the power is on, saving time and money.

Sharp washing machine 7.8 kg ES-U78GV-G

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Compact and elegant design

Sharp washing machine ES-U78GV-G possesses a compact, modern design, soft and delicate lines, and harmonious white color, suitable for the luxurious interior space of your family. The washing machine has a washing capacity of 7.8 kg, ideal for the washing needs of families with 4-5 members.

PUMP-UP drum does not damage the fabric

Unlike the hole-shaped drum, the PUMP-UP washing tub has a closed-rim design, which helps reduce the friction of clothes when washing with the drum, avoiding damage and fraying clothes like washing with conventional washing machines.

Dolphin washing tray with silver Ag+

The Dolphin silver-coated Ag + washing tray works on the principle of creating a vertical stream of water combined with the horizontal movement of the drum into a powerful vortex, reversing up and down to help dislodge stubborn stains reduce twisting clothes. , for clean clothes like new. In addition, the Dolphin washing tray is coated with Ag + silver, allowing the washing machine to enhance its ability to kill mold, bacteria, and allergens, effectively deodorizing to keep your family's clothes smelling fresh.

Child Lock

Sharp washing machine ES-U78GV-G is integrated with a child safety lock. When this utility is activated, if the washing machine's lid is opened during operation, the washing machine will make an error sound and stop working at that time, and drain all the water in the drum after 30 seconds, preventing children from drowning. Thanks to that, you can rest assured that your child can play without looking after him as before.

The automatic drum cleaning feature on the Sharp washing machine ES-U78GV-G allows the washing machine to remove long-standing dirt inside and outside the drum, minimizing bacteria and mold on the drum, ensuring Ensure clothes are always clean after washing for optimal washing efficiency.

Auto-restart when power is on

Have you encountered a situation where the washing machine is almost finished when the power goes out, and you have to start the washing machine from the beginning? The auto-restart feature when power is on allows the Sharp washing machine ES-U78GV-G to automatically restart when there is a power failure; moreover, the washing machine will continue to the next step in the previous operation, saving you time and money for your family.

Various washing programs

Sharp washing machine ES-U78GV-G is equipped with six different washing modes such as fast washing, thin clothes, baby clothes, ... so you can comfortably choose the suitable washing mode for your family's clothes. Thus, minimize wear and tear on clothes.


General Information
Types of Washing MachinesTop Loading
DrumTop Loading
Washing Capacity7.8 Kg
Variable Spin Speed730 rpm
Wash Water Consumption171 L
Motor TypeCuroa
Programs6 Programs
TechnologyPUMP-UP Washing tub
UtilitiesAuto-restart, Child Lock, DOLPHIN washing tray with Ag+ silver coating
Drum materialStainless Steel
Body materialPowder coated metal
Cylinder head materialPlastic
Control panelVietnamese push button with display
Number of users4 - 5 members (7.5 - 8.5 kg)
Dimensions - WeightHeight 96.3 cm - Width 53 cm - Depth 58.5 cm - Weight 33 kg
Origin of productionThailand
Launch year 2016


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