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The LG Multi air conditioner has many great features that make it easier to use and save space. With a compact design and flexible installation ability, optimized for limited installation spaces, suitable for use in apartments, office blocks, and high-rise buildings.

Special: Only one outdoor unit can cool up to 5 indoor units, saving space and reducing installation costs and usable area.

Besides, the LG Multi air conditioner also integrated Inverter compressor technology combined with two compressor motors placed out of phase; the outdoor unit eliminates the process of turning the motor on and off continuously, reducing friction during operation to increase cooling efficiency by up to 40%, reducing the load on the outdoor unit, effectively reducing power consumption.

Air filter function offers a solution to the problem of ultrafine dust that is harmful to our bodies. It's a high-performance, CAC* certified product that delivers clean, cool air to your large spaces.

Gold Fin coated aluminum foil heatsink is not worn by oxidation, which makes it more durable and more efficient for cooling the air conditioner. In addition, the gas pipe uses copper material with high durability, limiting corrosion due to friction and agents from the external environment.

LG's pressure sensor allows it to reach the target temperature faster with high accuracy and stability. Save time to achieve the desired temperature with pressure and temperature control. Experience fast and reliable operation with LG Multi Split.

Wi-Fi Remote with LG ThinQ™ monitors and controls energy consumption to save energy more efficiently. Check the temperature in your home even when you are away. The mobile remote control works anytime, anywhere.

The LG Multi air conditioner is designed to help you enjoy comfortable living spaces. The air conditioner from Multi LG is easy to install and use and has a flexible design that saves space. It has various indoor units so you can place them anywhere in your room or apartment. In addition, multi LG's energy-saving feature is efficient, meaning less power consumption and lower bills!

Currently, Dienmaygiagoc is trading LG multi-air conditioner system with the best prices on the market; we commit to:

  • 100% genuine product.
  • Genuine nationwide warranty.
  • Quick installation within a day.
  • Experienced technical staff.

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