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Mitsubishi Heavy Ceiling mounted air conditioning FDT71CR-S5 (3.0Hp)

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  • Mitsubishi Heavy Ceiling mounted air conditioning FDT71CR-S5 (3.0Hp)

Ceiling cassette 4 way FDT-CR

This type of air conditioner is one-way cooling only, non inverter and uses gas R410A protecting the natural environment.

It is a cheaper product than the 2-way inverter air conditioner, but is designed with the same convenient functions.


Flap Control System

Flap can swing within an upper  and lower flap range position within can be selected with a wired remote control.

The remote controller and RCH-E3 is not applicable to the Individual flap control system.

700mm Drain Pump

Drain can be discharged upwards up to 700mm from the ceiling surface, allowing a  piping layout with a high degree of freedom.  Thanks to the 260mm flexible hose, equipment supports easy workability.

Easy check of drain pan

Remove corner lid. Remove drain cap cover and check the condition. It is necessary to clean-up, firstly remove the rubber stopper to drain water out and secondly remove the drain cap. Clean up the area around the drain pump port.

Balance the indoor unit when installing

A balanced indoor unit installation can perform without removing the panel by checking the access doors with removable covers at each corner of the machine. It helps to improved operability and significantly reduced installation times.

Diversity Strength

Mitsubishi Non-Inverter ceiling air conditioner  has 4 types of capacity: FDT50CR-S5 - 17,060 Btu, FDT71CR-S5 - 24,255Btu, FDT100CR-S5 - 34,120Btu, FDT125CR-S5 - 42,650Btu.

Remote control (option)



Specifications Mitsubishi Heavy Ceiling mounted air conditioning FDT71CR-S5 (3.0Hp)
General information
OriginBrand: Japan - Made in: Thailand
TypeMono - 1-way type (cooling only)
Cooling capacity3.0 Hp - 24.225 Btu/h
Using for roomsArea 36 - 40 m² or 108 - 120 m³ (suitable for living room, office)
Power source (Ph/V/Hz)1 phase, 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Electricity consumption2,29 Kw
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm)6.35 / 15.88
Maximum Pipe Length (m)30 (m)
Maximum Elevation Length (m)10 (m)
In door unit
Model NameFDT71CR-S5
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)246 x 840 x 840 (mm)
Weight (Mass) (Kg)24 (kg)
Panel Dimensions (mm)35 x 950 x 950 (mm)
Panel Net Weight (Kg)5.5 (kg)
Outdoor Unit
Model NameFDC71RC-S5
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 640 x 850 x 290 (mm)
Weight (Mass) (Kg)47 (kg)
Mitsubishi Heavy Ceiling mounted air conditioning FDT71CR-S5 (3.0Hp)
Reviews Mitsubishi Heavy Ceiling mounted air conditioning FDT71CR-S5 (3.0Hp)
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