Dàn lạnh treo tường VRV Mitsubishi Heavy inverter (0.5 Hp) FDK15KXZE1

  • 57 Song Hành, An Phú, Q.2, HCM (Mở cửa từ 08 - 17h cả T7, CN)
  • 32/28 đường 35, KP1, P. Bình An, Quận 2, TP.HCM (Mở cửa từ 08 - 17h cả T7, CN)
  • Bảo hành chính hãng toàn quốc tận nơi XEM ĐIỂM BẢO HÀNH
  • Cam kết hàng chính hãng MỚI 100% - BẢO HÀNH TẬN NƠI TOÀN QUỐC, giá bán đã bao gồm VAT
  • VẪN THỰC HIỆN GIAO HÀNG. vui lòng gọi: 0902 390 599 (zalo)

Elegant Timeless Design

The new FDK series air-conditioners have been stylishly designed with rounded contours that fit beautifully into any of Europe’s diverse interior settings. The design was created by the Italian industrial design studio Tensa srl, based in Milan, to respond to a broad spectrum of local user needs. (15~56KXZE1)

Jet Technology

FDK models adopt the air flow design that's proven to minimise resistance in a CFD analysis to achieve uniform air conditioning to the furthest corners of the room.

Flap control system

Selection of flap position is possible. A flap can be set at different angles.

*The wireless remote control is not applicable to the flap control system.

Lateral Swing: flap swings from right to left automatically.

Remote control (option)


1. The data are measured under the following conditions(ISO-T1). Cooling: Indoor temp. of 27ºCDB, 19ºCWB, and outdoor temp. of 35ºCDB. Heating: Indoor temp. of 20ºCDB, and outdoor temp. of 7ºCDB, 6ºCWB.
2. Sound pressure level indicates the value in an anechoic chamber. During operation these values are somewhat higher due to ambient conditions.
*Powerful-Hi can be selected. Sound pressure level: FDK15/22/28 38dB(A), FDK36 40dB(A), FDK45 43dB(A), FDK56 43dB(A)(Cooling)&44dB(A)(Heating), FDK71 42dB(A), FDK90 44dB(A).
Air flow: FDK15 5.7m3/min, FDK22/28 8.5m3/min, FDK36 11m3/min, FDK45 12m3/min, FDK56 12m3/min(Cooling)&13m3/min(Heating), FDK71 21m3/min, FDK90 23m3/min.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Thông số kỹ thuật
Công suất làm lạnh0.5 Hp (0.5 Ngựa) - 1.5 kW
Công suất tiêu thụ điệnLạnh: 0.02 kW Sưởi: 0.02 kW
Kích thước ống đồng Gas (mm)ø6.35 / ø9.52
Kích thước (C x R x S)290 x 870 x 230 mm
Khối lượng11.5 kg

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