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LG Ceiling mounted air conditioning ATNQ48GMLE7 (5.0Hp) - 3 phases

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There are 2 Power. You are choosing 5.0 HP (3 phases)
  • LG Ceiling mounted air conditioning ATNQ48GMLE7 (5.0Hp) - 3 phases
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Energy saving

Smart Inverter

Thanks to LG's advanced inverter technology, the EER energy factor reaches a high level.

Annual energy savings are estimated

Power consumption is expected to be reduced by 31% compared to non-inverter (non-inverter) models. (about a 31% reduction in electricity costs).

-Capacity: 36K CST
-Operating time: 08:00~24:00
-Partial cooling load and electricity consumption calculated based on annual weather data (indoor temperature: 22°C) In Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City),
This result may vary depending on the actual environment.


LG's Technological Development

SCROLL R1 Compressor Breakthrough

Advanced Scroll compressors are integrated for high performance and reliability. This type of compressor is more developed than conventional compressors, especially the tilting motion of the spiral disc has been improved. In addition, the operating temperature range has been improved compared to the traditional type.

  1. The scroll compressor has a simple structure.
  2. High efficiency (low load at low speed/total efficiency).
  3. Low noise (even at high speed).
  4. Improved spiral tilt movement.
  5. Weight is reduced by 20% (compared to conventional compressors).

Advantages of R1 compressor structure

The R1 compressor has a more straightforward and more stable compression structure with the low vibration characteristics of a helical compressor.

* LG internal test results using standard compressors (Scroll Model, JAB068MA).

** Patent registration number (10-1059880 in Korea, RE46106 in the United States).


Fast cooling at a wide voltage range

LG's intelligent inverter compressor can operate in a broader voltage range than the non-inverter type.

Improved design in terms of pipe length

Using LG products, the total pipe length can reach a maximum of 50 m, and the height difference can compare to 30 m. In addition, improved pipe length design offers flexible installation.

Low and high voltage protection

Below the low voltage limit, the inverter compressor reduces the frequency (Hz) and increases the DC voltage. Over the high voltage limit, the relay is disconnected to prevent damage to the DC capacitor.

A broad temperature range of operation

The product can operate at outdoor temperatures of between -10ºC and 50ºC.

*The operating temperature range varies depending on the product type and capacity; please refer to the specifications for more information.


Fast cooling technology

Fast cooling with simple control

Just press the 'Power Cooling Mode' or 'Jet Cool' button on the wireless remote control, and the LG intelligent inverter air conditioner will cool your space efficiently. Quick and effective.

Fast cooling with long pipes

An inverter air conditioner has a 10% higher capacity than a non-inverter type when the pipe length is 50 m.

The distance the wind blows

With the improvement of technology, the LG indoor unit fan allows you to blow air up to 4.2m away from the indoor unit.

* Based on high-ceiling operating conditions.


Maximum cooling capacity

With inverter compressors operating at a minimum and maximum speed, LG intelligent inverter air conditioner achieves a more comprehensive operating capacity range.

Air quality control

Air purifier for large spaces

One indoor unit can filter the air for a maximum area of 147m2. (Guaranteed by CAC certification for Korean domestic products)

Convenient and economic 4-level air filter function

Air purifiers and filters can easy disassembled for maintenance.

Real-time air quality control

The air condition can be easily checked using various devices such as indoor unit LEDs, wireless/wired remote controllers, or Mobile Phones.

Limit corrosion

Limited anti-corrosion heat exchanger

Gold FinTM is a special yellow coating on the heat exchanger fins that prevents corrosion and prolongs the life of the device.

Salt spray test
- Gold Fin meets the criteria set for the salt spray test.
- After 1000 hours salt spray test meet RN 9.5
(SST: KS D 9502, 5% NacI, 35°C)


Personalized mask design

The new ceiling fan four blowing direction has a monolithic structure, harmonizing with the ceiling.

Compact size

The slim and compact design not only saves space but also reduces installation costs.

The product is designed to fit most building structures and fits into a variety of spaces.

High Ceiling Operation Mode

The indoor unit design allows air circulation with a ceiling height of 4.2m. In addition, the airflow can be increased by adjusting the fan speed.

Easy to install

The detachable corner design makes it easy to adjust the suspension during installation and check for leaks in the exhaust pipe.

In addition, the user can easily install the mask to the body using the push-button mask design.

Easily install the mask to the body using the push-button mask design.

Independent airflow control

The independent spoiler operation feature uses four different engines, thereby helping to control all four wings independently.

Independent controls provide optimum comfort for each user. In addition, the product is capable of handling tilt angles between 20° ~ 70°.

User and humidity sensor.

User recognition sensor (PTVSMA0).

Equipped with user recognition sensors.

Equipped with image sensor.

  • Energy saving
  • Provides comfortable airflow
  • The sensor is an optional accessory and can be fitted on models PT-MCGW0 (bass mask), PT-MPGW0 (mask with air filter)

*Sensor is an optional accessory (PTVSMA0): can be fitted on models PT-MCGW0 (ceiling mask), PT-MPGW0 (mask with air filter)

*To use this function, a new generation remote controller, PREMTB100 or PREMTBB10, is required.


Recognition feature

The motion sensor detects human activity every 10 seconds.

Awareness range.


Specifications LG Ceiling mounted air conditioning ATNQ48GMLE7 (5.0Hp) - 3 phases
General information
OriginBrand: Korea - Made in: Thailand
TypeInverter - 1-way type (cooling only)
Cooling capacity5.0 HP - 48,000 BTU/h
Using for roomsArea 70 - 75 m² or 210 - 225 m³ (suitable for living room, office)
Power source (Ph/V/Hz)3 phase, 380 - 415V, 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption4.49 kW
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm)Ø 9.52 / Ø 15.88
Maximum Pipe Length (m)50 m
Maximum Elevation Length (m)30 m
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)3.01
In door unit
Model NameATNQ48GMLE7
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)288 x 840 x 840 mm
Weight (Mass) (Kg)25.5 kg
Panel Dimensions (mm)35 x 950 x 950 mm
Panel Net Weight (Kg)6.3 kg
Outdoor Unit
Model NameAUUQ48LH4
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)834 x 950 x 330 mm
Weight (Mass) (Kg)62 kg
LG Ceiling mounted air conditioning ATNQ48GMLE7 (5.0Hp) - 3 phases
Reviews LG Ceiling mounted air conditioning ATNQ48GMLE7 (5.0Hp) - 3 phases
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