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Teka Inverter Fridge 537 liters RFD 77820

  • 43,400,000 đ [VAT included]
  • Loại tủ lạnh: Side by side
  • Số cửa: 4
  • Dung tích: 537/500 lít
  • Sử dụng khí gas R-600a
  • Chất liệu ngăn bằng kính chịu lực

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 537L
Inverter Technology Yes
Other energy saving mode Eco mode
Refrigeration technology Smart cooling system
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Gourmet box soft freezer
Utilities Fuzzy Logic, LCD screen, touch panel, 4 antibacterial systems
Fridge Types Side by Side
Number of Doors 4 doors
Door material Stainless Steel
Shelf Material Bearing glass
Dimensions - Weight 1898 x 833 x 685 mm
Lights LED lights

Product Description

Freshness in your food

No Frost technology will keep your food fresh for a longer time, thanks to an independent circulatory circuit. You can keep the best moisture in your refrigerator with this system and also prevent ice and frost, so your food will stay fresh for a long time.

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Feel the comfort of your home

With the fridge, the power consumption reduces and more silent with high-efficiency A ++ inverter motors. This motor produces less friction and reduces any noise, it is also more durable and environmentally friendly.

Hãy cảm nhận sự thoải mái của nhà bạn

A new compartment in the refrigerator

Zero fridges, the drawer holds the Gourmet box at a lower temperature than the rest of the food in the refrigerator. It's the best way to keep meat fresh and dishes for the day.

khoang mới trong tủ lạnh của bạn

Enjoy the authentic flavors of fruit and vegetables

Taste the actual tastes of fruit and vegetables with a moisture-control VitalCare Box. Enjoy every piece of fruit and vegetables with all of our vitamins and nutrients. Our moisture management will take care of your meal.

Thưởng thức hương vị thực sự của trái cây và rau

The temperature of your refrigerator is still under pressure

The New TempGuard fridge is a sensor inside to monitor the temperature, to keep your food of the best possible quality.

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