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Sharp inverter fridge 271 liters SJ-X281E-DS

  • 5,700,000 đ [VAT included]
  • See more brand products : Sharp
Have 2 Capacity. You are select 200 - Under 300 liter
  • Công nghệ J-Tech Inverter tiết kiệm điện năng lên đến 46%.
  • Hệ thống khử mùi Nano Bạc tăng cường khả năng kháng khuẩn, khử mùi. 
  • Thiết kế nhỏ gọn, phù hợp với những không gian hẹp.

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 253L
Capacity of freezer compartment 60L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment 193L
Inverter Technology Yes
Other energy saving mode Eco mode
Refrigeration technology Indirect
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Nano Ag + silver molecular deodorizer
Utilities Compartments in flexi-fridges
Fridge Types Top Freezer
Number of Doors 2 doors
Door material Stainless Steel
Shelf Material Bearing glass tray
Dimensions - Weight 1700 x 545 x 625 mm - 43 kg
Lights LED lights
Origin of production Thailand
Launch year 2016

Product Description

Compact design, suitable for small spaces

The Sharp SJ-X281E-DS refrigerator has a compact, 2-door design, suitable for a narrow kitchen from 55 cm. The 271-liter capacity is conforming for families from 3 to 5 members.

Tủ lạnh Sharp SJ-X281E-DS

Quiet operation, significantly reducing noise

The conventional refrigerators fit with five degrees of cooling. But the Sharp SJ-X281E-DS Refrigerator with J-Tech Inverter 36 refrigeration speeds would better satisfy the family's requirements for effective cooling while also helping to minimize noise.

Tủ lạnh Sharp SJ-X281E-DS

Nano Ag + Cu promotes the deodorizing ability for refrigerators

An antibacterial filter, deodorizing the air Nano Ag + Cu inside the fridge, will contribute to repel unpleasant odors caused by food, helping the air always ventilate.

Tủ lạnh Sharp SJ-X281E-DS

Optimal energy saving with the Extra Eco mode

When the Extra Eco mode is activated, the temperature inside the refrigerator will increase by 1-2oC compared with the initial set temperature for optimal energy saving.

Tủ lạnh Sharp SJ-X281E-DS

Integrated 7 superior protection features

The Sharp SJ-X281E-DS refrigerator equips with 7 unique and superior protection features: fireproof, anti-lightning, anti-vibration, anti-mouse, stable operation, insulation, stable structure.

Flexible fresh-compartment design

The fresh compartment has a flexible design, making it easier for you to refrigerate foods. Since then, you can convert it so that it is suitable for use.

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