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Samsung Inverter fridge 380 liters RT38K50822C/SV

  • 16,400,000 đ [VAT included]
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Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 380L
Capacity of freezer compartment 86L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment 294L
Inverter Technology Inverter
Refrigeration technology Twin Cooling System Plus
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Activated carbon deodorizing filter
Utilities Fast cooling, energy saving inverter, automatic ice maker, Cool Pack compartment
Fridge Types Top Freezer
Number of Doors 2 doors
Door material Blurred mirror
Shelf Material Load bearing glass
Dimensions - Weight Height 1785 mm - Width 668 mm - Length 675 mm - Weight 72 kg
Launch year 2020

Product Description

Avoid mixing food odors, maintain ideal humidity thanks to two independent refrigeration 

Samsung Inverter fridge 380 lít RT38K50822C/SV has two separate Twin Cooling Plus TM indoor systems, capable of working independently between the freezer and the cooling to avoid food from being combined while retaining temperature. Fresh food has a longer shelf life and does not dry out.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 380 lít RT38K50822C/SV-Tránh lẫn mùi thực phẩm, duy trì độ ẩm lý tưởng nhờ 2 dàn lạnh độc lập

Efficient power saving, quiet operation by Digital Inverter technology

hanks to Digital Inverter technology that automatically adjusts the compressor speed according to the cooling needs with 7 levels of customization. As a result, it saves energy, reduces noise, reduces wear, and increases machine life. Users would be satisfied with the Samsung refrigerator's ability to save up to 50% on energy while keeping a steady temperature inside, in addition to its ability to function smoothly.

Save time making ice with the automatic ice-making mechanism

Fill the dedicated jar with water, and the Samsung Inverter RT38K50822C / SV refrigerator's automated ice-making system would save you a lot of time to the conventional method of making ice.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 380 lít RT38K50822C/SV-Tiệt kiệm thời gian làm đá với cơ chế làm đá tự động

Eliminate odors, optimize bacteria, and activated carbon filter 

This refrigerator is also equipped with an activated carbon filter, providing optimal ability to remove odors and kill bacteria, keeping the air inside the fridge always fresh.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 380 lít RT38K50822C/SV-Loại bỏ mùi hôi, diệt khuẩn tối ưu cùng bộ lọc than hoạt tính

Mr.CoolPack technology helps to store food for up to 8 hours when electricity is lost

Mr.CoolPack technology will help food be kept refrigerated in the most optimal way up to 8 hours after the power failure occurs.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 380 lít RT38K50822C/SV-Giúp bảo quản thực phẩm đến 8 tiếng khi mất điện nhờ công nghệ Mr.CoolPack

Luxurious design with beautiful black mirror-coated metal face

Samsung Inverter fridge RT38K50822C/SV owns a mirror-like design, along with subtle black colors, and become a luxurious interior in your living space.

Thiết kế

Capacity 380 liters, suitable for families from 3 to 4 people

With a capacity of 380 liters, the Samsung fridge RT38K50822C / SV meets the food storage needs of households with 3-4 members, and specifically, the freezer capacity is 86 liters, and the freezer is 294 liters.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 380 lít RT38K50822C/SV-Dung tích 380 lít, phù hợp gia đình từ 3 - 4 người

Generally, the Samsung Inverter fridge 380-liter RT38K50822C / SV belongs to the above freezer fridge suitable for families with 3-4 people who want to experience the convenience of an automatic ice-making mechanism. Also, this refrigerator not only can operate smoothly but also gives efficiency in saving electricity during use.

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