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Samsung Inverter Fridge 256 liters RT25M4032BU/SV

  • 9,690,000 đ [VAT included]
  • See more brand products : Samsung
  • Thịt cá tươi ngon, sử dụng trong ngày không cần rã đông với ngăn đông mềm -1 độ C Optimal Fresh Zone.
  • Kháng khuẩn, khử mùi hiệu quả với bộ lọc Deodorizing Filter.
  • Tiện lợi hơn cho người sử dụng với hệ thống khay kệ chịu lực, dễ di chuyển.
  • Giữ lạnh đến 8 tiếng khi bị mất điện với công nghệ Mr.Coolpack.
  • Tiết kiệm điện năng, vận hành êm và ổn định với công nghệ Digital Inverter.
  • Hơi lạnh đồng đều khắp tủ với công nghệ làm lạnh vòm All Around Cooling.

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 256L
Capacity of freezer compartment 53L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment 203L
Inverter Technology Digital Inverter
Refrigeration technology Multi-dimensional cooling system
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Activated carbon deodorizing filter
Food Preservation Technology - 1 degree C Optimal Fresh Zone soft freezer
Utilities Fish meat preservation no defrosting, Power-saving inverter, the Cool Pack compartment
Fridge Types Top Freezer
Number of Doors 2 doors
Door material Blurred mirror
Shelf Material Load bearing glass
Dimensions - Weight 1635 x 637 x 555 mm - 49kg
Launch year 2020

Product Description

Fish meat is fresh without defrosting with Optimal Fresh Zone

Samsung Inverter 256 liter RT25M4032BU/SV refrigerator is fitted with an Optimum Fresh Zone Soft freezer compartment to hold food fresh and fresh with maximum nutrients, without defrosting an ideal temperature of-1 °C. Thus, the food (meat or fish) is without a freezer, and it can cook quickly, easy to cut, and process throughout the day. Remember, you should use this soft freezer for food that you want to cook during the day. If you need to keep it longer, you should use the freezer for best preservation.

Ngăn đông mềm Optimal Fresh Zone

Effective antibacterial / deodorizing with activated carbon Deodorizer filter

This filter has the effect of limiting and minimizing odors from mold, dirt, and fishy smells of food thoroughly, ensuring freshness and the best quality for food.

Deodorizing Filter - Tủ lạnh Samsung RT25M4032BU/SV

More convenient for users with bearing tray system, easy to move

With the simple to move load-bearing trays system (up to 150Kg), Samsung's coolers will help ensure that loads of food are stored, neatly organized, and quick. Moreover, the lightweight pull-out tray helps easily store, arrange, and gather food while accessing food deep inside.

Hệ thống khay kệ chịu lực, dễ di chuyển

Stay cold for up to 8 hours when power is a failure with Mr.Coolpack technology

During a power outage, Mr.Coolpack freezer thermosets help the refrigerator maintain frozen foods below 0 ° C and keep them refrigerated for up to 12 hours, ensuring the food is frozen, always fresh, and delicious.

Tấm giữ nhiệt ngăn đông Mr.Coolpack - Tủ lạnh Samsung RT25M4032BU/SV

Power saving, quiet and stable operation with Digital Inverter technology

Digital Inverter technology on Samsung refrigerators automatically adjusts the cold based on temperature, humidity, and usage habits with 7 levels of flexibility. As a result, it saves energy consumption, reduces noise, reduces wear, and increases durability. 10-year engine warranty accompanies you through the years.

Digital Inverter - Tủ lạnh Samsung RT25M4032BU/SV

Evenly distributed cold air, maintaining temperature with dome cooling technology

The dome cooling technology will bring the cold air in an arc and spread evenly inside the refrigerator, completely cooling food besides helping to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity.

Công nghệ làm lạnh vòm - Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 236 lít RT22M4032BU/SV

Modern design, luxury

The Samsung Inverter refrigerator is a trendy design, luxurious black color but still neat, saves space, and plays a prominent role in your kitchen. Besides, the new LED lighting system design to be smaller and more energy-efficient than conventional lighting. Thanks to that, not only the refrigerator space is expanding, the light is soothing to the eyes, but you also reduce the amount of electricity consumed.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 236 lít RT22M4032BU/SV

Capacity 256 liters, suitable for small families, about 2-3 members

With a capacity of 256 liters, the Samsung refrigerator will meet the needs of using, storing food for families from 2 to 3 people, ensuring your life is always fresh and delicious food.

256 lít - Tủ lạnh Samsung RT25M4032BU/SV

In general, this 256 liter Samsung refrigerator with state-of-the-art technology such as Optimum Fresh Zone soft freezer, Coolpack cooler,... will help you preserve your food for a long time and still fresh. It's as good as when you just bought it. It is the perfect alternative for families of 2 or 3 members.

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