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Samsung Inverter Fridge 236 liters RT22M4032BU/SV

  • 8,890,000 đ [VAT included]
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  • Thịt cá tươi ngon, ăn trong ngày không cần rã đông với ngăn đông mềm Optimal Fresh Zone -1 độ C.
  • Bảo quản rau củ tươi ngon với ngăn cân bằng độ ẩm Big Box.
  • Tiết kiệm điện hiệu quả, vận hành êm cùng công nghệ Digital Inverter.
  • Loại bỏ vi khuẩn, khử mùi tối ưu cùng bộ lọc than hoạt tính Deodorizer.
  • Phân bổ luồng khí lạnh đều nhờ công nghệ làm lạnh đa chiều.

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 236L
Capacity of freezer compartment 53L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment 183L
Inverter Technology Digital Inverter
Refrigeration technology Multi-dimensional cooling system
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Activated carbon deodorizing filter
Food Preservation Technology -1 degree C Optimal Fresh Zone soft freezer
Utilities Fish meat preservation no defrosting, Power-saving inverter
Fridge Types Top Freezer
Number of Doors 2 doors
Door material Blurred mirror
Shelf Material Load bearing glass
Dimensions - Weight 1545 x 637 x 555 mm - 46.5 kg
Launch year 2020

Product Description

Fish meat is fresh without defrosting with Optimal Fresh Zone

Samsung Inverter 236 liter RT22M4032BU / SV refrigerator has integrated with an Optimal Fresh Zone, which can preserve fish meat during the day, but they are so fresh and flavorful, and without defrosting. However, you need to use the freezer to prevent fish meat when you need to maintain food for a long time.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 236 lít RT22M4032BU/SV-Tiết kiệm thời gian chế biến nhờ ngăn đông mềm Optimal Fresh Zone -1 độ C

Vegetable always fresh and juicy with Big box vegetable compartment

The Big box vegetable compartment has a large capacity and optimal moisture. The fruits and vegetables are preventing for a long time, but it is not wilting with the stored inside the Big Box compartment.

 Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 236 lít RT22M4032BU/SV-Giữ rau củ tươi ngon, bảo quản lâu hơn trong ngăn cân bằng độ ẩm Big Box

Power saving, quiet and durable operation with modern Digital Inverter technology

The Samsung refrigerator is using an advanced Digital Inverter technology.  It automatically adjusts the cold based on temperature, humidity, and usage habits with seven flexible levels, helping to maintain the ideal temperature and up to 50% energy-saving efficiency in addition to smooth and durable operation over time.

Removes bacteria, optimally deodorizes with Deodorizer filter

With the Deodorizer activated carbon filter, RT22M4032BU / SV refrigerator can inhibit operation and kill most dangerous bacteria, reduce odors food, preserve fresh flavor.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 236 lít RT22M4032BU/SV-Loại bỏ vi khuẩn, khử mùi tối ưu cùng bộ lọc than hoạt tính Deodorizer

Evenly distributed cold air with multi-dimensional cooling technology

The Multi-dimensional cooling technology will quickly distribute and spread air evenly in every corner of the refrigerator, helping food is cooling quickly, avoiding spoilage during storage.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 236 lít RT22M4032BU/SV-Phân bổ đều luồng khí lạnh trong tủ nhờ công nghệ làm lạnh đa chiều

Delicate colors, luxurious black mirror design

Samsung Inverter RT22M4032BU / SV belongs to the traditional refrigerator with the top freezer, along with subtle black colors and luxurious mirror-like materials, promising to become a prominent interior in your home. Besides, the new LED lighting system design smaller and more energy-efficient than conventional lighting. Thanks to that, not only does the refrigerator space expand, the light is soothing to the eyes, but you also reduce the electricity.

Thiết kế

The capacity of the fridge is 236 liters, suitable for small families 2 - 3 members

The capacity of the Samsung fridge is 236 liters, and it's suitable for small families, meeting the needs of 2 - 3 members.

Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 236 lít RT22M4032BU/SV-Dung tích 236 lít, phù hợp gia đình nhỏ (2 - 3 thành viên)

Generally, the 236 liter Samsung Inverter refrigerator RT22M4032BU / SV is a suitable choice for families with less than 2-3 members. The Digital Inverter technology brings efficiency to save electricity, preserve food and nutrients, and the refrigerator is suitable for your small family.

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