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Samsung Inverter Fridge 208 liters RT20HAR8DBU/SV

  • 7,020,000 đ [VAT included]
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  • Ngăn chặn mùi hôi khó chịu với bộ lọc than hoạt tính Deodorizer.
  • Duy trì hơi lạnh khi mất điện với ngăn Cool Pack độc quyền.
  • Làm lạnh hiệu quả và tiết kiệm điện năng tối ưu với công nghệ Digital Inverter.
  • Hơi lạnh lan tỏa đồng đều trong tủ với công nghệ làm lạnh đa chiều.
  • Bảo quản rau củ, quả luôn tươi ngon với với ngăn cân bằng độ ẩm.

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 208L
Capacity of freezer compartment 53L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment 155L
Inverter Technology Digital Inverter
Refrigeration technology Multi-dimensional cooling system
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Deodorising Filter
Food Preservation Technology Moist Fresh Zone
Utilities Power-saving inverter, Cool Pack compartment
Fridge Types Top Freezer
Number of Doors 2 doors
Door material Blurred mirror
Shelf Material Load bearing glass
Dimensions - Weight 1445 x 637 x 555 - 44.5 kg
Launch year 2020

Product Description

Prevent unpleasant odors with the Deodorizer filter

The Deodorizer filter on the Samsung inverter fridge RT20HAR8DBU / SV can remove unpleasant odors, mold, and bacteria. They keep the air in the refrigerator always fresh and delicious food.

Bộ lọc than hoạt tính Deodorizer - Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 208 lít RT20HAR8DBU/SV

Food remains frozen even when the power is a failure with the Cool Pack compartment

During a power outage, the Cool Pack compartment will help maintain the cold in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours, ensuring food remains frozen, not spoiled, or melted. And this is exclusive technology on Samsung refrigerators.

Mr.Coolpack - Tủ lạnh Samsung RT20HAR8DBU/SV

Effective cooling and optimal energy saving with Digital Inverter technology

The Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed according to the cooling needs with 7 customizable levels. As a result, it saves energy, reduces noise, reduces wear, and increases durability. The Digital Inverter Technology helps the refrigerator to operate durable, save energy effectively.

Inverter -Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 208 lít RT20HAR8DBU/SV

Evenly distributed cold air with multi-dimensional cooling technology

The Multi-dimensional cooling technology will quickly distribute and spread air evenly in every compartment, and the food is cooling quickly and freshest.

Làm lạnh đa chiều -Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 208 lít RT20HAR8DBU/SV

Vegetables always fresh and juicy with a Moist Fresh Zone

Samsung’s Moist Fresh Zone is a smartly designed drawer that provides an optimal environment for storing perishable food, so it stays fresher longer. A tight seal prevents moisture from escaping when humidity levels are low, and a vent releases excess moisture when humidity levels are too high.Ngăn rau quả cân bằng độ ẩm - Tủ lạnh Samsung Inverter 208 lít RT20HAR8DBU/SV

The luxurious design with a capacity of 208 liters is suitable for families from 2 to 3 people

The refrigerator has a compact, solid design with luxurious black color. Samsung refrigerator design on a familiar tradition, convenient when you use. With a capacity of 208 liters Samsung refrigerator, suitable for 2 to 3 members of families.

Thiết kế và dung tích

In general, the refrigerator with many modern conveniences such as multi-dimensional cooling, activated carbon filter, efficient energy-saving inverter technology, etc., is an appropriate choice when you want to buy a new refrigerator.

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