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Mitsubishi Electric Inveter fridge 358 liters MR-CGX46EN-GBK-V

  • 17,890,000 đ [VAT included]
  • Dung tích tổng: 365 lít
  • Số người sử dụng: Trên 5 người
  • Công nghệ inverter: Tủ lạnh inverter
  • Điện năng tiêu thụ: 378 kWh/năm (~1.03 kWh/ngày)

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Number of users Above 5 users
Inverter Technology Inverter
Power Consumption ~1.03 kWh/per day
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Activated Carbon Filter
Utilities The mirror is easy to clean; Automatic icemaker; Door alarm; LED Saves Power
Fridge Types Bottom Freezer
Number of Doors 3
Door material Glass mirror
Shelf Material Load bearing glass
Dimensions - Weight Height 1820 mm - Width 660 mm - Length 600 mm - Weight 80 kg
Lights LED
Origin of production Thailand
Launch year 2019

Product Description

Luxurious glass mirror design

MR-CGX46EN-GBK-V with the luxurious 3-door cabinet design. Mitsubishi refrigerator with upper charge compartment design combined with two luxury and delicate sliding bottom charge compartments. The load-bearing glass is easy to clean.

Automatic ice making system

Mitsubishi Electric fridge 358 liter MR-CGX46EN-GBK-V also has an automatic ice-making system, which can disassemble for quick cleaning.

Neuro Inverter technology

Mitsubishi refrigerators have equipped with advanced Neuro inverter technology, also known as a fridge, whose brain includes a Neuro-Fuzzy microprocessor that helps control the operation of the inverter compressor and fan speed. The Neuro-Fuzzy microprocessor remembers the user's usage habits based on the frequency of opening/closing the door, the quantity of food less / more, the temperature inside / out according to each time frame to provide a dark cooling state.

Smooth operation

Mitsubishi Electric fridge MR-CGX46EN-GBK-V equipped with a Neuro-Fuzzy microprocessor reduces noise level to the lowest level (19 ~ 30 Db) through efficient control of fan and compressor operation.

The Vitamin C factory "helps increase the amount of Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables

The Mitsubishi Electric fridge 358 liter MR-CGX46EN-GBK-V has equipped an orange-yellow LED system that simulates sunlight, photosynthesis continues and enhances 15% of vitamin C for always fresh and delicious vegetables.

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