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Aqua Inverter Fridge 204 liters AQR-I227BN.DC

  • 5,000,000 đ [VAT included]
  • See more brand products : Aqua
  • Dung tích sử dụng 204 lít
  • Công nghệ Multi Flow làm lạnh đa chiều giúp thực phẩm được làm lạnh nhanh hơn.
  • Công nghệ Inverter
  • Chức năng cấp đông mềm
  • Chức năng diệt khuẩn và khử mùi Nano Fresh Ag+

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 204L
Capacity of freezer compartment 60L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment 144L
Inverter Technology Yes
Refrigeration technology Multi Flow technology
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Nano Fresh Ag+
Fridge Types Top Freezer
Number of Doors 2 doors
Shelf Material Bearing glass tray
Dimensions - Weight 1435 x 547 x 1435 mm

Product Description

Luxurious, modern, energy-saving design

AQUA 204 LITERS FRIDGE AQR-I227BN (DC) has a new and luxurious design with metallic brown doors made of shiny steel. The bearing glass tray is durable gives you a feel ensure to use. With a usable capacity of 204 liters and a traditional and compact freezer design, this Aqua refrigerator is easy to use and suitable for families of 3-6 people.

Tủ lạnh Aqua 204L AQR-I227BN (DC)

AQUA Triple Fresh multifunctional compartment

The versatile AQUA Triple Fresh refrigerator compartment with soft freezing function of -3 ° C helps to ensure the nutrition of food, and is easy to prepare when needed.

Tủ lạnh Aqua 204L AQR-I227BN (DC)

Function of antibacterial and deodorizing Nano Fresh Ag +

Using Nano Silver molecule to prevent bacteria, mold causing unpleasant odors, providing a clean, ventilated space in the refrigerator, ensuring health safety for the whole family.Tủ lạnh Aqua 204L AQR-I227BN (DC)

Inverter system saves electricity

Inverter cooling system helps the refrigerator operate smoothly, ensuring food is cooling at a reasonable temperature and kept fresh for a long time. The amount of electricity consumed saves significantly.

Tủ lạnh Aqua 204L AQR-I227BN (DC)

Multi-dimensional cold air

The multi-dimensional cold air powerful, helping spread the cold evenly everywhere in the fridge to help food better. Ice cube makes more quickly.

Tủ lạnh Aqua 204L AQR-I227BN (DC)

Tips to save energy-efficient refrigerator

You need to know how to use the right way to save electricity and durable of the product, such as placing them in a well ventilated, cool, temperature-controlled place, or cleaning, keeping the cleanliness for the fridge...

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