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Aqua Inverter Fridge 186 liters AQR-T219FA(PB)

  • 4,750,000 đ [VAT included]
  • See more brand products : Aqua
  • Tiết kiệm điện, giảm ồn, sử dụng bền bỉ với công nghệ Twin Inverter.
  • Khử mùi hôi, diệt khuẩn hiệu quả với công nghệ Nano Fresh Ag+.
  • Hơi lạnh tỏa đều với làm lạnh đa chiều, giúp thực phẩm tươi ngon lâu.
  • Rau củ tươi ngon cùng ngăn rau quả giữ độ ẩm.

Product Specifications

Product Characteristics
Usable Capacity 186L
Capacity of freezer compartment 50L
Capacity of cool refrigerator compartment 136L
Inverter Technology Yes
Refrigeration technology Multi-dimensional cold air
Deodorizing, antibacterial technology Deodorizing antibacterial Nano Fresh Ag +
Food Preservation Technology Humidity Drawer
Fridge Types Top Freezer
Number of Doors 2 doors
Door material The mirror
Shelf Material Bearing glass tray
Dimensions - Weight 1417 x 615 x 528 mm
Lights LED

Product Description

Traditional design, modern black color

Aqua Inverter fridge 186 liter AQR-T219FA(PB) with traditional design, modern black color, can put in the kitchen or bedroom.

Thiết kế - Tủ lạnh Aqua Inverter 186 lít AQR-T219FA

The capacity is 186 liters, suitable for houses from 2-3 members

The Aqua Sanyo refrigerator has 186 liters, suitable for small families of 2-3 members, or single people use will be quite spacious.

Dung tích - Tủ lạnh Aqua Inverter 186 lít AQR-T219FA

Save energy efficiently with a Twin Inverter motor

The top freezer fridge on Aqua integrates Twin Inverter. They help to operate smoothly, use endurance, and save electricity for your family.

Inverter - Tủ lạnh Aqua Inverter 186 lít AQR-T219FA

Deodorizing / Antibacterial with Nano Fresh Ag + technology

Nano Fresh Ag + technology separates microscopic silver particles. They scattered throughout to prevent bacteria does not grow. Since then, the cabinet does not have the phenomenon of mold or odor-causing bacteria.

Công nghệ khử mùi - Tủ lạnh Aqua Inverter 186 lít AQR-T219FA

Evenly distributed cold air with multi-dimensional cool air technology

The multidimensional cold air technology brings cold air in different directions. Since then, quickly cool and ensure even air distribution to all compartments, the best-preserved food.

Khí lạnh đa chiều - Tủ lạnh Aqua Inverter 186 lít AQR-T219FA

Fresh vegetables and Humidity Drawer

The fridge has a Humidity Drawer to keep fresh, so juicy, moisture for fruits and vegetables, so a long time when stored in the outer shelves of direct blowing cold.

Ngăn rau - Tủ lạnh Aqua Inverter 186 lít AQR-T219FA

In general, the AQR-T219FA Aqua Inverter refrigerator has a traditional design, possessing many advanced technologies: energy-saving inverter, Nano Fresh Ag + system, and Humidity Drawer. At the best price, you should buy it for your home.

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