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Aqua Fridge 90 liters AQR-D99FA(BS)

  • 2,800,000 đ [VAT included]
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Product Specifications

Xuất xứ Việt Nam
Bảo hành 2 năm
Màu sắc Đen
Dung tích tổng 93 lít
Dung tích sử dụng 90 lít
Số người sử dụng 1-2 người
Dung tích ngăn lạnh 90 lít
Khoảng dung tích Dưới 150 lít
Công nghệ làm lạnh Trực tiếp
Kiểu tủ Mini
Chất liệu cửa tủ lạnh Mặt thép
Chất liệu khay ngăn Kính chịu lực
Kích thước 476 x 494 x 795 mm

Product Description

Compact design, easy to move

Aqua Fridge AQR-D99FA BS has a beautiful design, sturdy steel cover, easy to clean. With the capacity of 90 liters, Aqua fridge suitable for students, staff, or families usually uses drinks and fruit in the living room, bedroom. On a small scale, users can switch the cabinet quickly in any position.

The direct cooling system

The Aqua mini-refrigerator uses direct cooling technology. The technology works on the principle that cold air is blown directly to any position, ensuring fast cooling, quiet operation, and keeping food fresh. The Aqua AQR-D99FA BS refrigerator uses save more electricity, which is very important for the user when the electricity price is high.

Vegetable Humidity Drawers 

A separate vegetable compartment reduces cooling air loss, keeps vegetables is fresh for a long-time, without losing nutrients.

Glass tray bearing safety durable

The shelves of the fridge AQR-D99FA BS has made from high-quality bearing glass, up to 100kg. Users can put in a lot of food without cracking. The glass can removable and easy to clean, ensuring food safety.

The temperature adjustment is so quick and easy

The temperature control knob has detailed and express levels, that why you can easily choose to match the temperature of the required preserved food.

Freezer compartment with the lid to prevent odor

Although it is a mini-refrigerator with a small design, Aqua AQR-D99FA BS is equipped with a small freezer with a lid to ensure no odor, so you can completely be assured to preserve fresh food.

Aqua Fridge 90 liter AQR-D99FA BS is a mini-fridge with a beautiful design. The fridge is suitable for students, bedrooms, or hotels. With affordable prices while saving electricity and an extremely economical choice.

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