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Daikin Ceiling mounted air conditioning FCFC140DVM Inverter (5.5Hp) - 3 Phases

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  • Daikin Ceiling mounted air conditioning FCFC140DVM Inverter (5.5Hp) - 3 Phases
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Energy Saving

Reduce electricity bills

The models using Daikin's new Inverter technology reduce energy consumption during the cooling process.

Compared with previous non-inverter series, the new RZF-C series uses about 80% less power consumption for quick and effective cooling that reduces electricity bills.

Comparison of cooling seasonal power consumption based on average CSPF values.

What is CSPF?

CSPF (cooling seasonal performance factor) is a new international energy-efficiency criterion calculated by methods stipulated in ISO 16358-1.

Benefits of Inverters

Why is inverter technology economical?

Inverter system consumes less electricity, and soon recovers the difference in initial cost. This results in lower total cost. 

Inverter air conditioner can adjust its cooling capacity according to the cooling load. This results in less power consumption.

In response to fluctuating cooling load, Non inverter air conditioners repeatedly perform ON (full-power) / OFF (zero-power) operation. Inverter air conditioners, however, operate at optimal cooling capacity according to the cooling load. Since inverter air conditioners provide required minimum cooling capacity with minimum electrical power, total power consumption can be reduced during cooling period.

Inverters operate without repeated ON/OFF operation.

Why is inverter technology more comfortable?

When temperature does not fluctuate much, the set temperature is maintained.

Inverter control responds to load changes and causes minor temperature adjustments. Non-inverter control frequently turns ON and OFF in response to load fluctuations or load mismatch and causes large temperature swings.


Microchannel heat exchanger

Microchannel technology utilises superior heat transfer benefits of aluminium to create a more efficient air conditioner.

With a new resistance corrosion aluminium alloy, the Daikin microchannel heat exchanger becomes highly durable.

A salt spray test has been conducted to demonstrate the corrosion-resistant capability of our products in corrosive environments for a certain period of time.

Coated printed circuit boards (outdoor unit)

Coated circuit boards prevent problems caused by humidity and airborne dust. It also protects against salt contained in sea breezes.

Both sides of the PCB in outdoor units are coated.

Automatic protection against low voltage

In AM and PM peak electricity consumption periods, supply may fluctuate. Built-in low-voltage protection will automatically cut operations. When normal voltage is restored, operation will resume as before.

Outdoor unit installation is possible even with limited space.

Design Flexibility

Possible to forced OFF and ON/OFF operation using external command.

Indoor units comply with D -Net standards.

Smart Airflow Control

Indoor units can provide 3-step fine control of air volume.

Comfort ensured by ‘Auto’ airflow rate that matches load level.

Convenient energy-efficiency for stores with peak and quiet periods.

Also convenient for high ceilings and spaces with long blow distances.

360° Airflow

Airflow distribution creates uniform comfort throughout the space.

Room remains comfortable even when set temperature is raised 1℃.

Selectable Airflow Pattern

Air flows out from corner outlets, comfort spreads more widely.

Airflow gently

Maximum comfort.

Wind speed decreases 25% when the set temperature increases from 1oC to 1.5oC.

Drain pump

Equipped as standard accessory with 850 mm lift.

Silver ion anti-bacterial drain pan

A built-in antibacterial treatment that uses silver ion in the drain pan prevents the growth of slime, bacteria, and mould that cause odours and clogging. (The lifespan of a silver ion cartridge depends on the usage environment, but should be changed once every two to three years.)

Non-flocking flaps

Flaps can be detached without use of tools. Condensation does not easily form and dirt does not cling to non-flocking flaps. They are easy to clean.

Filter has anti-mould and antibacterial treatment

Prevents mould and microorganisms growing out of the dust and moisture that adheres to the filters.

Comfort Quick and Easy Installation


All models can be installed without using a lifter.

Installable in tight ceiling spaces

Standard panel

Easy height adjustment

Each corner of the unit has an adjuster pocket that lets you easily adjust the unit's suspended height.

Dimensions (unit: mm)




Note :

  1. Rated cooling capacities are based on the following conditions: Indoor temp., 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB, 24°CWB. Equiv. refrigeration piping, 7.5 m (horizontal).
  2. Capacities are net, including a deduction for cooling for indoor fan motor heat.
  3. The operation sound is measured in anechoic chamber. If it is measured under the actual installation conditions, it is normally over the set value due to environmental noise and sound reflection.
Specifications Daikin Ceiling mounted air conditioning FCFC140DVM Inverter (5.5Hp) - 3 Phases
General information
OriginBrand: Japan - Made in: Thailand
TypeInverter - 1-way type (cooling only)
Cooling capacity5.5 Hp - 47.800 Btu/h - 14.0 kW
Using for roomsArea 75 - 85 m² or 230 - 250 m³
Power source (Ph/V/Hz)3 Phases, 380V, 50Hz
Electricity consumption5.88 kW
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm)9.5 / 15.9
Maximum Pipe Length (m)50 (m)
Maximum Elevation Length (m)30 (m)
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF)4.1
In door unit
Model NameFCFC140DVM
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)298 x 840 x 840 (mm)
Weight (Mass) (Kg)24 (Kg)
Panel Dimensions (mm)50 x 950 x 950 (mm)
Panel Net Weight (Kg)5,5 (Kg)
Outdoor Unit
Model NameRZFC140DY1
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)990 x 940 x 320 (mm)
Weight (Mass) (Kg)62 (Kg)
Daikin Ceiling mounted air conditioning FCFC140DVM Inverter (5.5Hp) - 3 Phases
Reviews Daikin Ceiling mounted air conditioning FCFC140DVM Inverter (5.5Hp) - 3 Phases
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